The Stylist to put the Style in You!

Hair has become unequivocally important as it can literally make
one look like a movie star or a has-been from Hee Haw, which died
out many years ago.  Hair and hairstyle are also some of the most
searched keywords on Google and the internet.

So, its obvious that to millions of people it is vitally important to
know what is in and what is out. That is when you need to turn to
me, BONNIE LOVE, and my website,  I am a
professional successful hairstylist who has been consulting and
styling for over 20 years.  I will be glad to meet with you to consult
and freely give lots of pointers and interesting tips.

Just take a look into this web site for excellent articles on hair care,
newsletters to clients, and shop the professional products that will
provide the special care, cleansing, and styling tools to finish off
your perfect look.

Don't forget to call me for an appointment at (425) 369-6124.
I am located at 35402 Center Street, Building E, Unit H, in
Snoqualmie, WA.
Bonnie Love
Redken Specialist
35402 SE Center Street
Bldg E, Unit H
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
(425) 369-6124
Specializing in REDKEN Products
What can you do at home to improve the look of your hair.  
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Love Your Hair!
Come see me at
SE Center Street
Building E, Unit H
Snoqualmie, WA
Bonnie Love Beauty Salon - 35402 SE Center Street, Bldg E, Unit H ~ Snoqualmie, WA  98065- 425.369.6124